Master RBR Rivetting / Bending / Rolling Tool

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The Master Riveting, Bending & Rolling tool from Metalcraft is so much more than just a metal rolling tool to curve steel.

It is also a metal bender which can bend angles up to 60 degrees using its’ special diamond shaped forming head making this great bending tool a must for anyone looking for quality metal forming equipment.
Additionally, you can rivet metal together using the cold riveting system which squeezes a mild steel rivet (also available from Metalcraft) placed in the holes punched on our Master Punch & Shear tool to create a very strong joint without you needing to invest in welding equipment and training. Little wonder these tools prove so popular with hobbyists, DIY’ers and schools.
For the great price, its is arguably the most popular metal bending hand tools around today.

165mm W x 290mm D x 115mm H x 440mm Handle Length
Max Working Capacity*

Riveting - 5mm Dia Rivet
Bending - 25mm x 5mm (flat strip), 10mm (round), 10mm (square bar)
Rolling - 25mm x 6mm or 30mm x 5mm (flat strip), 10mm (round), 10mm (square bar)

These versatile 3 in 1 metal bending tools are the cornerstone of the Metalcraft range. They rivet your metalwork together without welding (see below) and they bend and roll your metalwork into shape.
*All sizes are approximate and in mm unless stated otherwise
These bending tools are supplied complete with operating instructions and spare parts lists.
Please note:
 The maximum working capacity stated is for Hot Rolled Mild Steel Bar and Annealed Bright Mild Steel Bar. Working beyond these limits or with material of greater hardness may reduce the operational life of the machines.