Deca MIGA 220 230V Multi-Process Inverter

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The Deca MIGA 220 delivers economy and versatility in a microprocessor based multi-functional welding machine. This compact inverter will tackle all your MIG, TIG (DC) and MMA requirements. This synergic controlled unit is perfect for inexperienced operators with intuitive setting to simplify difficult tasks. Manual control is still possible with the user-friendly interface. The MIG process will accommodate mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and CuSi3 wire for MIG Brazing and a reverse polarity setting will allow the welding of flux cored open-arc wires without the need for a shielding gas. The package includes all relevant MIG accessories except shielding gas. MMA / TIG accessories can be purchased separately If required.

Mircoprocessor Control of all welding parameters 
Easy to operate user interface
Excellent Weld Quality
MIG Manual Welding of all materials including MIG Brazing setting
MIG Manual Welding w/Gas shielded & Open Arc (Gasless) Wires
MIG Synergic w/ basic programmes for mild steel, stainless & aluminium
MMA w/ adjustable Hot Start & Arc Force
TIG Lift Arc w/ Downslope & Crater Fill for clean DC applications 
Generator Friendly (AVR required)

Power Source
All parameters with electronic adjustment
East to use selection process
External polarity change for MIG gas shielded & open arc processes

MIG (Accessories Included)
Mildsteel, Stainless, Aluminium, MIG Brazing, Open Arc (Gasless)

MMA (Optional Accessories Required)
Arc Force
Anti-Sticking Device

TIG (Optional Accessories Required)
DC Welding Lift Arc
Crate Fill


 Primary input 230V AC
 Current range 10-200 amps (MIG/TIG)
 Power Rating 20 amps
 O.C.V. 80 volts
 MIG Wire range
0.6mm – 1.0mm (Alum 1.2mm) 100mm/200mm Coils
 MMA Electrodes        1.6mm – 4.0mm
 Weight                       10.0Kgs

Machine Package:-
DECA MIGA 220 Multi Function Synergic Inverter
MIG Welding Torch
Earth lead and clamp
Argon Gas Regulator 1-Stage 2-Gauge

Universal Trolley Kit w/ Gas Cylinder Carrier code ACCUTKCC