Deca I-PAC 350 LAB Plasma Cutter w/ PT60 Torch & Earth 230V

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Deca I-PAC 350 230V generator friendly Inverter Plasma Cutter is suitable for a wide range of cutting applications including mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminium. The pilot arc controller increases cutting capabilities including open grid cutting. The design incorporates a robust body and high performance ventilation. The package includes a PT60 6-meter torch and earth lead.


Latest IGBT Based Inverter Technology
Single Phase 230V
Electronic Amperage Control
Central Torch Connection
PT60 Torch Package
IP23 Protection
Open Grid Cutting Facility
Pilot Arc
Fan Cooled w/ High Performance Ventilation
Thermostatic Protection


Cutting Capacity                    Quality 12mm, Severance 16 mm
Current Range                        5 – 50 amps
Primary Input                         230V (Max absorbed power 5.5Kw)
Air Requirement                     3.5 – 5.0 Bar (consumption 130 LPM)
Protection Classs                   IP23S
OVV                                      410V
Weight                                   6.7Kgs

I-PAC 350 LAB Inverter
PT 60 6-Metre Torch Package
Earth Lead
Primary Input Cable