GROZ Spring Dividers DD04 4inch - Quick Nut

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GROZ Spring Dividers DD04 4" / 100mm - Quick Nut. Dividers are used for marking out circles on steel or transferring measurement from master templates.

Manufactured from selected steel, the dividers have a spring joint for precision settings. The legs pivot on a roller and are tensioned by bow spring. The fulcrum stud has a large bearing surface that prevents side deflection of legs. 

Adjustment is made by opening and closing of the legs by means of an adjusting nut.
Quick Nut
"An Alternative to the solid adjusting nut, a split quick adjusting nut is also available which helps in making quick & positive adjustments. The threads of the nut firmly engage the screw at the slightest pressure of the leg. When the pressure is withdrawn, the nut releases itself sliding freely over the screw. This feature helps save time in opening and closing when a variety of measurements have to be taken consecutively

Divider points are hardened 50-55 HRC for increased wear resistance