Xcalibur CNC 260 Lathe

code: XC260CNC
16,125.00 ex VAT

Due in Soon

Totally enclosed cabinet with maximum viewing area and interlocked door.
Ability to continue cycle after door-opening interruption
8 Station Tool Changer
3-jaw Chuck 100mm
Spindle Bore 21mm
Siemens Controller which is widely used in Schools and Industry
Post Processor for the Siemens Controller used to communicate with the EduCAM Software
Single seat EduCAM Turning

Tooling Package includes:

Turning Tool, Boring Bar, Neutral Turning Tool, Parting-off Tool, Centre Drill, Stub Drill 3mm, 4mm and 5mm

The shank of the tools 8mm x 8mm

Swing over bed: 200mm

Weight: 180kgs

Mains Isolator

Machine lighting

Swarf brush, keys and spanners

Interlocking USB cable ( machine to PC)

Operator’s Hand Book




Working Area:

Swing over Bed               200mm

Travel across slide          90mm

Centre distance               280mm


Chuck size                      100mm

Spindle speed                 100-3000 r/min

Spindle bore                    21mm

Spindle taper                   MT3

Spindle motor power       1100W


X travel                             125mm

Z travel                             190mm

Fast move speed              2000mm/min

Fast feed speed                1000mm/min

Motor power                      2n/m

Tool rest:

Tools                                  8

Tool dimension                   8 x 8mm


Tailstock taper                    MT1

Tailstock sleeve diameter   22mm

Tailstock travel                    40mm



Added Value

The CNC lathe can be used as a standalone because it has it’s own built-in screen showing in real time the following features:

Tool in Turret

Actual Position of Tool in X and Z relative to part

All aspects of machine operation controlled Locally rather than through a PC ( so it can be used manually without a computer keyboard )

Controller (Siemens 808D) is a recognizable Industry Standard

Air Actuated Door

1.1kW Spindle Motor

100mm 3-Jaw Chuck

Spindle Bore 21mm

Siemens Controller Industry Standard



: The PC & Keybpoard is not supplied with the Xcalibur 280 CNC Lathe.
The minimum PC specification is Pentium i3

NB: One day’s training on site

The Xcalibur 260 CNC Lathe should be placed on a sturdy even bench where it will be operated. The table should ideally be 6ft long x 3ft wide to also accommodate the PC and Monitor


 It’s absolutely essential that a dedicated stand-alone PC be made available for the CNC Lathe and to ensure that absolute Administrator Rights are sanctioned so that when our Training Instructor is loading the Operating Software to the PC he will not be stopped by embedded Passwords. The PC is NOT to be linked to the School Network. 


The Bench required should have a wooden top 40mm approx thick on top of a Heavy Duty, braced framework.
Length of the Bench 2000mm
Width of the Bench minimum of 900mm 

Place the machine on a sturdy even bench where it will be operated. Uneven surfaces can lead to permanently warping the machine bed and should be avoided.  However, there are height adjusters under the machine which our CNC Training Instructor will align when on site for training.  Ensure the load rating of the table can support the machine weight. The table should be 6ft long x 3ft wide to also accommodate the PC and Monitor


EN 12478:2001, Safety of machine-tool _ Manually controlled turning machines with or without automatic control is within the Scope of this International Standard.

European Community Directive
98/37/CE / 89/336/CCE electromagnetic compatibility

European Community Directive 73/23/CEE – safety of the electric material for low tension.