Portable Fume Extractor 1.15kW 230V w/ Hose & Magnetic Foot

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Portable Fume Extractor 1.15kW 230V w/ Hose & Magnetic Foot. 
Portable Extraction unit for the collection of welding fumes in classrooms, repair /  maintenance facilities and small workshops. Package includes 2-Stage filter with activated carbon cell and    3-Meter hose with collection nozzle and magnetic foot.


Flexible Hose fitted with Extraction Nozzle / Magnetic Foot 
2-Stage Filter System (Cartridge Filter / Activated Carbon Cell)
Suitable for oil free Welding Fumes.
Extracts directly at source.
Portable Unit w/ Lifting Handle


Suction Capacity 140m3
Filter Efficiency 99%
Motor 1150W 230V 3000RPMNoise Level 73 Db(A)
Dimensions 53x28x34cm
Weight 20Kgs


Filcar Mini 90 N w/ 2-Stage Filter System
60mm Flexible Hose 3000mm
Fume Collection Nozzle w/ Magnetic Foot Mount