Master Punch and Shear Tool

Code: MC013X
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 The MC013X Master Punch and Shear Tool is a superb 2-in-1 guillotine and punch machine. To use as a strip cutter/guillotine, the strip is fed into an aperture between specially hardened small and large blades. You simply push away the handle and job done. The guillotine feature can be used on material with maximum capacity of 20mm x 3mm flat strip and 5mm if working on square or round bar.

The punching feature has a maximum capacity of 3mm (1/8") in material up to 3mm thick. You simply put the material being worked on in a special block and pull back the handle. The MC013X punching feature perfectly complements the riveting feature of the Master RBR MC016 machine. Punch with the MC013X and then rivet using the MC016.